Vivivaldy & the speed of light

Vivivaldy & the speed of light

Photo by Zhang Kaiyv on Pexels

Speed of light is, so far, the fastest one we can think of on this earth. Basically, light travels so fast that in a second it can cover 299.792 kilometers. That’s almost 300 km per millisecond.

Why are we mentioning this? Because it’s a physical limit. No matter how fast your Internet connection is, the farther you send a signal (or a data packet), the higher the latency will be. With latency we mean the time which elapses between the moment the signal is sent from its point of origin and the one in which the signals arrives to its destination.

Let’s consider a very long distance: the one to cover from Milan, Italy, to Atlanta, Georgia (US). That would be around 7.660 kilometers. This means light would cover such distance in around 25 milliseconds.

Now, what would you say, if we told you that, thanks to Vivivaldy technical solution one of our customers had been able to send and receive audio signals from Milan to Atlanta in just 56 milliseconds?

Even more stunning: we were able to do this over a simple broadband connection (no CDN, no dedicated connections or satellites involved), carrying full quality uncompressed audio signals with absolutely no data loss.

Impressive, isn’t it? Not quite as fast as light, but comparable.

If you are an audio professional, you’ll surely understand the scenarios which Vivivaldy technology may open to you, once you think about the two key elements which characterize it: speed and utmost fidelity.

Just to have fun we can make some examples of scenarios which we already transformed into reality for some of our customers.

For instance you could virtualize your recording room.

In crazy times like the ones we’re living, catching a plane can sometimes be an impossible mission, not to mention the costs involved and the time consumed to have everyone in the same location.

What if your artists could record their tracks from home? They can also play together if needs be, because thanks to the low latency, the lack of data loss, and the utmost quality of the uncompressed signals, they just need to plug their instrument and their headphones into one of our device. The producer, for his part, can do the same with his mixer. What’s even more important, thanks to Vivivaldy you can “remotize” control of any device you need to control, and you do not even need any specific competence for this.

You just keep on doing your thing as always. We will configure everything for you and assist you remotely, wherever you are and whatever time zone you are in.

Livestream has of course its limits. You need to be within a certain distance (even if it can be really great, as explained before), as even light would take more than 2 seconds (133 milliseconds, to be precise) to go around the world, but if you can manage 4/5 seconds of delay, we can take you everywhere in the world, even simultaneously and in more than one location (with more multi-point connections).

Imagine what that means: you could stream a live concert everywhere in the world and have different audio technicians in each location, to mix sounds according to the tastes of local audiences. That is huge.

But there’s really no limit to the applications of this technology when it comes to audio delivery and each day we get in touch with customers who offer us new challenges.

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