Vivivaldy meets the world at ISE

Vivivaldy meets the world at ISE


Last week Vivivaldy made his first public appearance at Barcelona ISE – Integrated Systems Europe, an exhibition dedicated to “the professional audiovisual, electronic systems integration and IT industries”, the most important Audio/Video event in the world, as the organizers like to state.

Hosted by good friends and partners at DirectOut, Vivivaldy had to let all the audio professionals attending the event have a satisfying hands-on of its solution to transmit high-quality and uncompressed audio samples over an ordinary Internet connection, without the slightest loss of data.

Luca Di Chio CEO vivivaldy with directout ISE2022

The founder and owner of Vivivaldy, Luca Di Chio, had put up a live demonstration, with a live band whose musicians played together despite being hundreds of kilometers from each other, thanks to the fact they could listen to their bandmates play with just 15 milliseconds of latency.

“The demo has been put up in Italy, but we do operate anywhere in the world, moving sound just a fraction slower than the speed of lights and in the best thinkable way” proudly added Di Chio. “Our customers span over countless sectors, but they all have in common the need to obtain maximum control over the sound remotely, which is precisely what we do best. The icing on the cake is that you don’t need a great preparation to use our systems, you just do your thing just like you did before, but you can do it anywhere in the world and on as many physical nodes as you need”


Barcelona ISE has also been a great occasion to showcase the latest version of Vivivaldy’s rack, which comes to customers with all the hardware they need, already properly configurated, according to each specific usage scenario. The new version is lighter, more resistant, and does not need an external GPS antenna anymore, thus making it much more comfortable to place and store.

Does that sound interesting? If you hadn’t had the occasion to meet Vivivaldy in Barcelona, you can always contact us and book your live demo by reaching us at: