Moves sound at the speed of light, in a simple way and top-notch quality

Vivivaldy is a hardware/software solution that allows real time synching of audio transmissions with signals originated up to a huge distance from one another.

Application scenarios for this technology are varied: production of live musical shows/concerts, with performing artists playing in separate locations; creation of remote recording or mixing rooms; management of hight quality “voice only” audio signals, used for dedicated communications during live events (security staff intercom, direction and coordination of technical staff, real-time interpreting services…), in-synching of audio and video signals, like in the case of remote dubbing or sound Fx addition to a video…


Vivivaldy was born for the very reason to allow audio professionals to work and cooperate regardless of the distances.

Vivivaldy helps not only to minimize the effects of a reduced mobility caused by states of emergence, but also to significantly reduce costs and speed up project implementation times, avoiding unnecessary travels, fore-checks of locations and complicated set-ups of several different tools.

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