4 musicians, 4 instruments, 4 location, 1 concert

4 musicians, 4 instruments, 4 location, 1 concert

Four artists based in four different Italian cities and the need to play together live. At the same time, the requirement to mix and record them from a fifth city. Possible? Yes, when ViViD is in place.

Once plugged to the internet and switched on, the ViViD rack at each location allows the artists to play live together listening to one another as if they were on the same stage. Two ViViD racks are also present at the Mix/Recording and Control locations.

ViViD racks include a Vivivaldy pre-programmed router which establishes a VPN network between the different locations. Through the RAVENNA module of DirectOut’s PRODIGY.MP, audio streams are sent back and forth keeping very low buffer times and an overall latency of less than 15ms

With the built-in DSP of the PRODIGY device, local equalisation and mix is also possible and minimizes the processing latency to keep it almost down to zero.

On the contrary, audio streams sent towards the Mix/Recording position go through longer buffer times and SRT processes to grant maximum transmission reliability. The entire system is remotely controlled at any location on the network using globcon control software.

The result: a full classical concert live-streamed and recorded.

Stefania Bergera (Soprano), Simone Maria Billetto (Flute), Marina Gallerani (Piano and Composer) are members of “Torino Live Art” and played during this performance for Dtraining Srl/ Vivivaldy.

On the website you can find online courses and lessons on music, drawing, diction, creative writing, and art therapy. This innovative educational platform combines more than twenty years of musical, cultural, and organizational tradition of the ‘Associazione Giovani Musicisti’ (Young Musicians Association) with the principles that lay behind this historical association from Turin: believe in the social value of musical culture and believe in art as a universal language, capable of overcoming cultural and social barriers.

Andrea Castellani, a very young and very talented cellist from Turin, has won the Absolute First Prize in the nineteenth edition of the ‘Giovani Interpreti Contest’ organized by the association.