Dedicated to audio professionals and more

Vivivaldy® is dedicated to any professional who needs to let information travel, synch it and process it remotely, quickly, without any loss of samples and at top quality.

Once of Vivivaldy®‘s first and earliest scope of application has been the world of audio.

In this segment typical customers can be:

  • Recording and audio/video post-production studios;
  • Event organizers (not limited to musical events);
  • Dubbing and Sound FX studios;
  • Audio/video production studios;
  • Directors and sound engineers;
  • Interpreting services;
  • Teleconference and e-learning service organizers;

Vivivaldy® is useful also in other situations, so long as one needs a way of transferring data very quickly and trustworthy to the utmost.

This is why Vivivaldy® can also finbd significant use in sectors such as:

  • Finance;
  • Telemedicine;
  • Implant telemetry and remote control systems;
  • Public and private security.

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